Telegram casino

and sportbetting

Casino creation right in the telegram app by using a bot. Telegram casino is an alternate solution to the traditional gambling platform, allowing you to reach a whole new audience.

Advantages of telegram casino

New format

Unique and new. Casino platform allows admin to control every aspect- components, structure, content, and bonuses of the teleram casino


More than 3,000 games from the leading game providers all over the world, a chatbot, an admin platform, bonus programs and much, much more.

High speed

The telegram casino is fastly-paced allowing users to play many games in a shorter period of time.

Bonus strategies

Implement all the bonus strategies available in online casinos, allowing you to retain and obtain new players.

Variety of payments

Support for bank transfers, electronic wallets, international online systems, and transfers in cryptocurrency.

Seemless sync

Full synchronization of your online casino on the web and telegram casino, making player authorization extremely easy.

No registration needed, only telegram account

Event alerts

Convenient management

Site and telegram casino are tied together

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