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Perfected solution for your online gambling business.

Turnkey casino saves your:


Developing an online  casino yourself can be a pain in the a**. By the time it is ready to  run, your competitors will be ahead of you and you will be in the red.


Save not only time, but also money and stress. Spend more time on money-producing activities, and save time on recruitment, staff supervision and quality assurance.

Why is it worth it?

Absolutely lowest price

Every project is different and it all depends on the service you select. All situations are unique. However, in general, the development of a turnkey casino from igamingslots company is more profitable for the customer.

Never-ending options

There are two paths our clients can take: either you can order the creation of a brand new online casino made from scratch, or buy a franchise of a well-known institution, and add additional services such as bitcoin payments etc. Our consultants are always here to help you decide on the best solution!

Mind-boggling timeframe

The turnkey casino can be provided to you anywhere from 1 hour to a couple of days. We understand that time is valuable, so we treat it as such.

Easy-to-use and powerful software

We use only the top-notch software available in the production of the turnkey casino. Our client's satisfaction is the ultimate goal.

Variety of payments

Support for bank transfers, electronic wallets, international online systems, and transfers in cryptocurrency.

24/7 assistance

At igamingslots, our clients are our #1 priority. We will provided you with assistance in the selection of software, payment systems, legal advice etc.

Add any of your preferred payment systems

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