HTML5 Slot Development

Create a unique casino tailored to your needs, exclusive to you, that no one else has.

Advantages of unique slot games


All casinos have a similar set of games. By having your own games, you will stand out from the rest of the competition and become the go-to by potential players.


Your online games should be made for your audience. If your games are made for a specific demographic, it is more likely that they will play.


Having tailored games opens opportunities to effective advertising and  promotional bonuses.

What you will get

HTML5 and Flash

The development of the online games will be a combination of HTML5 and/or flash, depending on the client’s needs.

Unique design

All online casino games are made exclusively for our client’s needs. Colours, sounds, visual effects, shades are all customizable.

Random number generator

Our modern software and algorithms are used in all games, which lures gamblers to play for a significant amount of time.

3D graphics

You will get 3D graphics such as live animations and differenct custom, manual elements.

Background sound

Our team of professional sound engineers craft custom sounds and music for each game, which corresponds to the characters and storyline.

Get a price now

The price for the creation of a slot game depends on the gambling software vendor that you have chosen.

A specialist from the igamingslots company will offer you the most beneficial cooperation conditions.