Most Popular Casino Games

A casino game can only be said to be popular if it is played by a huge number of casino enthusiasts. People have always seen gambling as a very simple way to enjoy some leisure time. While some enjoy it with friends, some others gamble alone. There are lots of casino games out there, including the standard ones that we know and those that come with obscure and complex rules. Now, a look at the popularity of casino games will get you surprised at the similarities in the percentages of people who play them at the brick and mortar casinos and those who play them online. So, we can say that in this area of life, online and offline experience matches to a great extent. Remember that when we talk about online casino games here, we are also talking about slots and not just table games.

So, looking at the percentage or number of players each of the casino games command, we have made a list of the most popular casino games below.

Online Poker

This stands as the fought most popular online casino game according to statistics, and many people see it as the most exciting of all the games. If you are among the casino players that like to test your skills while playing games, this is for you. Here, the level of difficulty and profitability is balanced out. Online poker has a lot of variations that you can choose from, and so many people regard it as more of a category than an individual game. 

Among the variants, a lot of things are changing, making games like Mississippi Stud and Casino Hold’em become more popular than Caribbean Stud which was more popular. In some poker variants, you will find progressive jackpots that can pay life-changing prizes when you hit the royal flush. Among the poker variants, the 3 Card Poker and Casino Hold’em also have live dealer versions. The game could be played by many people, and it starts with the dealer handing themself and the player the cards, while the player can fold or bet through their system.

Online Roulette

This stands as the third in the list of the most popular casino games. This game can lure in new players and retain the older ones, and that explains why it is very popular online and offline. It is one of the games with many types of bets to choose from. It stands among the most appealing games out there and comes in many different variations that complement the traditional European and American variants. To many people, you can’t claim to have a complete online casino experience if you’ve not played roulette. It is a game of pure chance that has been top ranking for many years. In trying to beat the house edge and win faster, the French roulette is recommended first, with the European version coming second.

Online Blackjack

The second most popular casino game is blackjack, and this popularity abounds both on and offline. Now, one thing about the game named blackjack is that it is a little bit more complicated than some other casino games. While it is among the games that new players can easily access, it is not easy to learn and master. The complex nature of blackjack is compensated by the low house edge it comes with. This is the game with one of the lowest house edges, though a lot of skills are needed to make the right decisions to win the game. It also has a lot of variations and lots of side bets that endear it to the heart of gamblers, even though the side bets have a higher house edge than the main bets. Some versions of blackjack include the traditional European, American, Pontoon, and Spanish 21 versions, plus the weird Zappit Blackjack and Burn 21. Live dealer blackjack is new, and it allows you to see and interact with the dealer while the game is on.

Online Slots

Slots have a significant space in online casinos, and a significant percentage of players’ time is spent on slot games. This is by far the most popular casino game both online and in the brick and mortar casinos. It has an unprecedented demand in casinos off and online and most players see it as the common pick because of its simplicity. There are different shapes and forms of slot games, so everyone would have something to choose from. For those who love the traditional slot setting, the fruit machines or classic slots with only three reels and a single pay-table are always there. For those seeking advanced entertainment, there are video slots that are more exciting and impressive. They come with lots of animations, graphics, and other features like free spins, bonus games, scatters, wilds, and bonus symbols. These video slots come mostly with five reels and lots of pay-lines, giving you more opportunities to win. There is also the 3D slots category, which is based on popular TV shows and blockbusters or some rock bands and famous musicians.

Among slots, those with progressive variants are the most sought after, as they pay huge prizes. Some of the most popular slots are Mega Fortune from NetEnt and Mega Moolah from Microgaming. Every slot game is a game of chance, where you only need to choose a number or symbol and spin the reels.

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