Absolutely The Best Casino Games

There is a difference between the most popular casino games and the best casino games. That a casino game is popular doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best game to play. If you are among the people that will visit a casino this summer, or you’ve just created your online casino account, you need to know the games that will give you the highest fun and entertainment, and higher chances of winning. Just as it is universal, some people play casino games for the fun of it, and therefore will always stick to the games they like and the ones that excite them. However, if you are among those that are seeking to win these games at the end of the gameplay, and possibly earn some money from your effort, you must play games where you have an edge. So, to spend your money wisely and go home with more money than you came with, you need to understand the games with the best odds.

While no casino game has a good odd, some have odds that are better than those of others. When people say “the house always wins,” they have a reason for saying that, and that reason is that all casino games are built to give the house some amount of edge. However, the chances of winning given to the house are bigger in some games. So, in choosing the best casino games to play, you must go with the ones with smaller house edges. Below are the best.

1. Blackjack

Blackjack is seen as the game with the best winning odds for players. This is because it comes mostly with a house edge of about 1 percent. Another thing that makes this one of the best casino games is that here, you will square up just against the house and not against blackjack tournament champions hiding under the keyboard to devour you. It is seen by some as an easy game to play because your work is to search for a number that will beat the number held by the dealer without exceeding 21. However, some see it as not too easy and will recommend that you master the game well before playing. This is because it has some elements of skills involved. The game accommodates many players at the same time, all trying to beat the dealer. Whoever comes up with the hand that is closest to 21 first, without exceeding it, wins the game. Now, because the dealer also relies on luck just like the players to win the game, the odds of winning evens out. Here, you have up to 49% odds of winning.

2. Craps

From blackjack, we move to the next best casino game, which is craps. Craps is a dice game and it has the second-best odds in the casino world. Here, it is believed that you have up to a 50% chance of winning. So, it’s a complete 50 – 50 thing. Craps have intimidating tables for newbies because of the numerous boxes. But there is nothing tough about the game, as it presents the best chances of winning to the player. Here, you simply bet on a dice roll. The shooter rolls the dice and the players wager on the possible results of the roll. The first roll here is known as “coming out”. Here, the shooter wins when it is a seven or an eleven, but when they roll another amount, it becomes the point, and the dealer must hit the point before they roll seven for a win. One of the simplest bets here is on whether the shooter will lose or win on his roll. Other bets abound also, like a bet on the shooter hitting another number before rolling seven. When you bet on whether the shooter will win or lose in a pass line wager, you have 50/50 odds of winning.

3. Roulette

The roulette wheel is the next in the line of the best games to play in a casino. The cardinal points that place this game on this list of the best casino games are that it pays well and it is very simple to play and win. Here, the bet is normally on your favorite numbers. After this, the dealer spins the reels. If the reel rests on your number after the spin, you win the game. Now, you will always have 50-50 chances of winning if you stick to betting on the blacks and reds. 

One thing to observe is that while you have even chances of winning with the colors, the house edge will increase when you choose the American version of roulette, which has double 0. So, you may wish to avoid this and go for those with lesser or no 0. If you have faith, you can play just one number. While this is hard to win, it pays a whopping 36-1 when you eventually win it.

Now, one thing you need to understand is that these three games with the best winning chances still come with house edges, though reduced, and that means that you still stand the chance of losing more times than you will win. So, winning on them still depends on some amount of luck.

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